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                The dog named Faith. But we for your convenience, we call him Fido.

                This is the story of Fido, who was born on Christmas Eve of 2002.

                He was born with 3 legs, two rear and healthy and a third, front and abnormal, so that we had to amputate a third.

                Certainly could not walk when he was born.

                Even his mother did not accept it. He was rejected and despise .



Fido as a puppy with no legs


                His first owner has also estimated that he would not survive.

                So even thought of deleting it. At that time, its present owner, Jude Stringfellow lady, took pity and wanted to take care of Fido.

                Was determined to teach him, and urged him to walk alone.

                He believed that there was only need a little of Faith.

                So she gave him the name "Faith" . Name that we have changed to Fido .



                At first put Fido in a surfboard, so he could feel the movements of water.

                Later he gave him peanut butter (one tablespoon), as a reward and a recompense for stand and jump about the house.

                The other dogs brought into the house, with their presence, helped him and encouraged to walk.

                Amazingly, after only six months, miraculously, Fido learned to stand firm on two hind legs and jump forward.

                After further training in the snow, was able to walk like a human being!



                Fido loves to walk. No matter where he goes, he always attracts people around him and to you.

                Now it has become famous in the collective international. He has appeared in numerous newspapers and television shows.

                There is also a book entitled "With a Little Faith" , published about him.

                He has been reviewed favorably, to appear in Harry Potter 's film .





                Its present owner, Mrs. Jude Stringfellow, left work and teaching career, and bringing Fido around the world, preaches and proclaims that :

"even without a perfect body, you can have a perfect soul."













                In life, things undesirable always happen .

                Perhaps a person who thinks that things are not going well as he wishs, he will feel better by changing his point of view and looking at things from a different perspective or new.

                Perhaps this message can bring to all, new ways of thinking and approach to life.

                Perhaps we can all appreciate and be grateful for every wonderful day that will follow.

                Life is a continuous demonstration of the power of positive thinking and have faith.

Believe in yourself and even more in God and never lose the faith ...


                Follow the video link for this puppy ... :  .






Lettere per Fanciulli